ASD Foundation

Mission Statement for American Square Dance

Relevant to what people want today:  better mental health, better somatic health, and better emotional health. We believe Square Dancing is the activity most needed in communities now.

Inherently inclusive, fundamentally physical and social, we have seen Square Dancing grow healthier and happier communities.

We are dedicated to developing Square Dancing around the world through education – creating spaces for dancers and teachers focussed on engaging new people through Square Dancing while nourishing the existing dancer population.

More than education, we are a call to action.

Accomplishing the Mission

  • Researching what has worked and what is working to grow Square Dancing then doing the necessary fact-finding to produce guides for todays leadership.
  • Providing educational material for existing dancers on how to improve dance skills, how to deal with difficult situations, and learning to become a Square Dance leader.
  • Educating the caller and cuer – both journeyman and apprentice – building on what they already know with the goal of becoming a professional who produces successful new dancers and keeps them in the activity.
  • Producing audio podcasts that reach out to dancers everywhere as well as those folks who are interested in Square Dancing For the dance enthusiast without a caller, here is quality dancing with a focus on entry-level dancers. Podcast episodes include a “learn at home for one-couple” so everyone may try Square Dancing.
  • Hosting seminars for leaders and teachers around the world. These educational sessions are provided at no cost to the attendee.
  • We only accomplish our mission with financial help from people like you. Your call to action is your tax-deductible donation that directly funds these projects.